National Puppy Day

So, my calendar tells me today is National Puppy Day (for the record, that’s different from National Dog Day, which August 26). As a parent of three puppy-obsessed kids, you’d think I’d see dogs everywhere, not just ducks.

And you’d be right.

Look at this little guy. He’s so cute, I can barely handle it. Pretty sure he’s a Labrador…

Picture of a brass doorknob. Screws look like eyes, knob looks like snout. Ears have been doodled on, and shadow has been doodled to look like a tongue. Speech bubbles say, "How do you open a locked dog door?" "With a huss-key."

Or maybe you prefer a fancier dog. Gear yourself up, because this next one is a model of its breed, and would make a great watch dog.

Model clock piece that looks like a fancy dog in profile. Eye, ear and collar have been doodled in following lines of model. Speech bubbles say, "What kind of dog can help make sure your clock has the right time?" "An Irish Setter."

She’s very cute, just watch out for ticks!

And last, but certainly not least, there’s this beautiful Skye Terrier. She’s just so fluffy!!!

Cloud shaped like a dog, outlined to show shape. Eye has been doodled in. Speech bubbles say, "What dog do you have to watch out for when it's raining?" "Poodles."

And finally, the thing I know you really came here for: a picture of a real, live puppy, and the answer to the question: What kind of dog makes the best detective?

Adorable smiling Keeshond (pronounced case-hond) puppy.
A Keeshond (click if you don’t get it)

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