Mother’s Day is Coming

In case you’ve had your head in the sand, I thought I’d let you know Mother’s Day is on Sunday. It’s a bit of ostrich, but if you order now, you might still be able to get a gift on time. Make sure it’s a good one, though. You don’t want to lay an egg when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, or you just might end up grounded. So be sure to do something rhea-lly special for the moms in your life.

Wooden fence with knots that look like  two ostrich/emu faces, one above the other. The bodies of a mama and baby ostrich/emu have been doodled in, along with a Mother's Day gift and a single tear on mama ostrich/emu. Mama's speech bubble says, "Oh, it's beautiful! I love it!" Baby's speech bubble says, "Ugh, Mom! There's no need to get so emu-tional!"

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