Bear With Me

If you go up to your trailer today
You’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go up to your trailer today
You’ll never believe your eyes.
For everything from counters to plugs
Has turned to bears - yes, even your rugs!
For today’s the day the Wizard Bears get their revenge!

Revenge day for all the bears.
All of the forest bears are tired of being chased away.
Watch them, catch them unaware,
And see them ruining your holiday.
See them changing things about
They’re adding ears and snouts,
But never mind, don't despair...
At twelve o’clock their magical chaos will wholly disappear
Along with all the little Wizard Bears.
Electrical box that looks like a bear face. Ears and snout have been doodled in. Speech bubble says, "That's what you get for trying to keep bears out of campgrounds."

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