Store Stares

“Hey, so I know we promised to look at new kitchen fixtures today, but this place is weirding me out. I feel like I’m being watched.”

Wall of drawer pulls and handles with two round knob "eyes" over a handle "mouth." Text box at bottom reads, "You can handle this."

“Yeah. Okay. Seriously, though…do you think they have hidden cameras or something? Because It feels like somebody’s eyes are on me.”

Another wall of handles and pulls. This time with two faces: knob eyes and noses over handle mouths. Pupils have been doodled in for emphasis. Text box reads, "Get a grip. Nobody's watching you."

“You’re right. I must be imagining things. But I swear something here is creeping me out, big time.”

Yet another wall. This time three faces of varying creepiness are made out of pulls and handles. White pupils added for emphasis. Text box reads, "Pull yourself together and pick something!"

“Okay, fine, if only because it means I can leave. Those ones. For some reason, I have a good feeling about them.”

Happy face made of pulls and a handle. Text box reads, "Done."

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