Head in the Clouds

As climate change has been making weather worse across the world, we here at Cumulo-Nimbus Entertainment have decided to take advantage of the unstable atmosphere and bring you the first ever Cross-Country Cloud Race!

This is a very cirrus event, certain to send the lucky winner’s career into the stratosphere!

And they’re off!

Uh-oh, looks like one of our contestants is slow to leave the gate. If she can’t get moving soon, she’s looking at turtle defeat.

Cloud shaped like a turtle, outlined for emphasis. Eyeball doodled in.

And Contestant Number 2 is off to an early lead, setting hearts aflutter with her speed.

Wispy cloud that looks like a butterfly; antennae have been doodled in.

Oh no! Looks like she blown off the course by a stray breeze!

That puts our third and final contestant in first place. Hope he doesn’t run into any fowl weather!

Cloud shaped like a running bird. Outline and eye added for emphasis.

What’s this?

Contestant Number 3 has stopped to pose for photographers just before the finish line!

What fowl behaviour! I’ve never seen anything like it.

And here comes Contestant Number 1, on a swift air current. She’s coming up the outside.

Jack be Nimbus, Jack be Quick! She’s done it! Contestant Number 1 has won the race!

What an upset!

Cloud turtle looks like she's smiling. A gold medal has been doodled in around her neck. Speech bubble says, "Slow and steady wins the race."

What can I say, folks? Today has been a tale of lightning speed and mist opportunities, with a shocking twist at the end!

Let’s give a final round of applause for our new raining champion!


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