Humerus Halloween Jokes

Who is a skeleton’s favourite historical figure?

Napoleon Bone-apart.

A double door with screened openings and scroll work that makes it look like a Dia de los Muertos calavera (decorative skull). Speech bubble says, "Falso! Me, I prefer, Concha Espina."

Ooh, a Spanish pun! I’ll remember that one for my next show. Let’s keep going though, shall we?

What kind of weapons do skeletons always carry?

Shoulder blades.

View inside of a Nerf gun with a skull-shaped piece of green plastic has two screw eyes and a spring for a mouth. Speech bubble says, "I prefer a Win-chest-er rifle, myself."

Uh, well, that’s fair, but I’m not really sure you got the joke. Anyway, moving on…

What does the skeleton do at the hockey game?

Drives the Zam-bone-i.

Hinge on a mustard bottle looks like a yellow skull. Speech bubble says, "That's flesh-ist. I played net. I was great at blocking ghouls!"

Okay, fine, didn’t mean to over-generalize, just trying to make some puns here. Let’s try a different set-up.

Who won the race between the skeleton and the skull?

The skull was just ahead.

Storefront with a square white overhang that looks like a skull, complete with two window "eyes" over a dark bring door area that looks like a gaping mouth. Speech bubble says, "Now that's funny!"

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