Guess Who?

Now that Disney has acquired Doctor Who, it’s out with the old and in with the new*. Classic villains have had to find work elsewhere, and the job market is tight.

Just look at this poor Santaran, forced to shill for Big Potato.

Whole potato with rot marks in the centre that look like two eyes over a smiling mouth. Large blue collar, wrinkles and ears have been doodled in so it looks like General Staal. Speech bubble says, "Big sale on potatoes. Don't Staal, get them before they run out!"

And this Dalek has put its magnificent abs to work in a spa, scraping away dead skin for pedicures.

A silver cheese grater sits on a table with a chair behind it, so the chair's arms look like they're coming from the grater. A plunger and a whisk have been doodled on the arms. Small lights and a larger round light have been doodled on the black top handle of the grater to resemble a Dalek. Speech bubble says, "Exfoliate!"

But they both fared better than this poor Cyberman, who not only was reduced to manual labour, but decapitation as well.

Shiny silver snow shovel that looks like a Cyberman's helmet. Speech bubble says, "Snow will be deleted. Delete! Delete!"

Better hope the Weeping Angels don’t end up as garden ornaments…

*Obviously I have no idea what Disney is going to do with Doctor Who, I can only assume that by throwing money at it, they will change the low budget look of many of the FX.


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