It’s About Time

Everybody talks about getting an extra hour of sleep when the clocks “fall back,” but we are, more than a week after turning our clocks back, and my body and my dog are still running on DST.

Meaning, we’re up around 3am.



But, since I’m going to sleep on Standard Time, I’m losing an hour of sleep. And it’s making me a little loopy.

So, I say, it’s far past time to get rid of Daylight Savings (or switch to it permanently, if you’d prefer). Look, I know I have only a minute chance of success, here, but we can’t wait another second! This constant flipping back and forth is hurting hour society as a whole!

And it’s not just humans bearing the brunt of the damage. Countless timepieces get clocked by their grumpy owners around Time Change – and trust me, you don’t want to tick them off!

We can no longer afford to make Time Change our fallback position. We must spring forward into a future without it. So, watch out, DST, we’re coming for you.

Even the bottom of my clock agrees, Time Change Sucks!

Bottom of a small rectangular travel clock with contact pads that look like two round eyes over a straight line mouth. Arms and angry eyebrows have been doodled in, as well as a picket sign that reads, "End time change! Save a clock!" Speech bubble says, "You humans only invented time change because it was the closest you could get to time travel."

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