R-emote Control

All right, emoji wannabes, listen up! With so many of us out sick, our situation is getting dire, and we are going to have employ some of you as substitutes whether you’re a perfect match or not.

Today is your day!

All right, Smiling Spoon, Carol’s telling a joke. We need a happy face. Go, go, go!

Text message conversation with Carol: Carol: What do you get when two dinosaurs crash their cars?
Person 2: What?
Carol: T-wrecks. (spelled t - wrecks)
Person 2: replies with a measuring spoon that has milk on it that looks like a smiling face.

All right. Good work. I’m sure nobody noticed the difference.

Okay. I can see Minh is talking about yummy food, so it’s time to put the cards down and jump into action, Ooh!

Text conversation with Minh:
Minh: I'm loving these cooking classes I'm taking. They're so easy.
Person 2: Really?
Minh: Yeah, the homework's a piece of cake.
Person 2 sends an emoji that's a triangular playing card holder with three circles that make it look like a surprised face.

Hmm, maybe that wasn’t the right call. Oh well.

If they wanted the right emojis, they should have done more to stop illnesses from spreading. I can only do so much when I’m short staffed like this!


Head’s up Shocked Pepper, Mycah’s telling tales again! Get in there, quick!

Text message conversation with Mycah.
Mycah: I don't want to say climate change is out of control, but...
Person 2: But what?
Mycah: I chipped a tooth on my coffee on the way to work.
Person 2: Sends an emoji that is half a yellow pepper that looks like a shocked face. Two blank eyes and hands have been doodled in.

Right. Ok. This going a bit better.

Uh oh.

Looks like somebody’s not in the holiday spirit. Quick, who do we have left to respond to a pun?

Text conversation with Alec.
Alec: I think all the Xmas decorations in the stores are making me sick.
Person 2: Really?
Alec: I think I might have tinsel-itis
Person 2: Meh emoji made of a small round back pillow with two rectangular eyes over a straight seam of a mouth.

Perfect! No notes.


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