I’m Still Here (Sort of)

So sorry to disappear on everyone, but back at the end of November I hit my head and got a concussion, and I’ve been off screens ever since. Such a shame, since I was working on a bunch of great Xmas posts.

I’m even sorrier to say, I’m not really back. Screens are still hard on my head, so I have to limit how much I use them, and since you can’t really write a blog without them…


I’m not shutting down completely.

I’ll still be back to make occasional posts. After all, it’s not like I’ll stop seeing faces everywhere. But my posts won’t come on a schedule.

So, if you want to stay in the loop, I suggest you subscribe to the RSS feed so you won’t miss any posts.

This isn’t goodbye, but it is so long for now.

Half a jalapeno pepper that looks like it has a wailing mouth.  Sad eyes and tear drops have been doodled in. Speech bubble says, "I thought jalapenos were supposed to make you cry, not the other way around."

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